Latest Disney News: As ‘The View’ takes a hit from the Spectrum Cable Disney dispute, the Mouse House urges people to ditch cable TV entirely (2024)

There’s a lot of disputes going around in Hollywood at the moment. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) are both in the midst of a heated battle with studios like Disney over proper pay and reasonable protections. Meanwhile, Disney itself is in the midst of a heated battle, this one with cable TV provider Charter Spectrum.

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The dispute began last Friday with Disney pulling over two dozen channels and stations off the air, impacting over 15 million subscribers in densely populated cities like Los Angeles and New York City. The dispute doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, and The View was the first major show to feel the effects of it during its season 27 premiere today. In fact, if you can believe it, Disney is going out of its way to urge people to ditch cable TV entirely, which sure, is as modern as a company can get, but it doesn’t exactly smell right coming from a company that owns ABC.

Elsewhere, concerns over Star Wars joining the MCU in the worst way possible are running rampant after yet another calendar shuffle impacted half a dozen Marvel projects last weekend.

Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t the only person to miss out on the season 27 premiere of The View

If The View is one of your favorite daytime talk shows and you’re a paying customer of Spectrum Cable, you’d be perfectly within your right to be miffed about the ongoing Spectrum Cable Disney dispute. After all, you completely missed the season 27 premiere, which kind of sucks if you’re a fan. In fact, over 15 million people who pay for Spectrum, many of whom reside in The View’s hometown New York City, missed the premiere. Upon flipping the channel to ABC, Deadline reports that viewers were met with this message: “The Walt Disney Company, owner of this channel, has removed their programming from Spectrum. We offered Disney a fair deal, and yet they continue to demand an excessive increase.”

My grandmother may have passed away, but she was an avid watcher of The View, and if she was easing into her comfy sofa on a Tuesday morning excited to tune in to her favorite “program,” as she liked to call it, I can tell you right now she would not only be confused by that message, but also upset. This leads us to our next point, which I can’t help but view through the eyes of a 94-year-old Sicilian lady born in 1928, and I urge you to do the same.

Cable-shmable — Disney says to heck with negotiations and urges people to pay for streaming instead

Latest Disney News: As ‘The View’ takes a hit from the Spectrum Cable Disney dispute, the Mouse House urges people to ditch cable TV entirely (1)

Labor Day weekend is a three-day weekend for millions of people in the U.S., but this year it was also “frustrating” (Dinsey’s words, not mine) thanks to the ongoing Spectrum Cable Disney dispute. Millions of Spectrum customers were barred from watching their favorite sports and daytime talk shows like The View. Disney recognizes this and said in a statement that the ball is in Charter Spectrum’s court to revisit Disney’s offer (we have a feeling Charter Spectrum is saying the same thing).

“Instead of enjoying major sporting events such as the return of college football and the US Open, ESPN and other Disney-owned channels like ABC were blacked out due to a dispute between Spectrum’s parent company—Charter Communications—and Disney Entertainment. Unfortunately, the dispute is still ongoing.

Again, I can’t help but imagine my 94-year-old Sicilian grandma being met with this statement. I can hear her now shouting “What the heck is Hulu plus live TV? Why can’t I just have my cable?”

Yeah, Disney. Why can’t she just have her cable?

Schooch over Marvel, Star Wars could be joining you on that new calendar schedule

Latest Disney News: As ‘The View’ takes a hit from the Spectrum Cable Disney dispute, the Mouse House urges people to ditch cable TV entirely (2)

As you may have heard over the weekend, Disney made significant changes to seven of Marvel’s TV shows, even renaming Agatha: Coven of Chaos to Agatha: Darkhold Diaries in the process. Understandably, there’s now concern that the Mouse House might do the same thing to Star Wars, and it just so happens that Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is at the center of the conversation. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it’s not hard to imagine Disney ripping off the galactic bandaid eventually, especially as it aims to scale back its serialized content.

That’s all we have for you today. If you are one of the millions of paying Spectrum customers lost at sea with nothing to watch today, know that you have a Sicilian guardian angel in your corner, furiously wagging her finger at Disney. See you back here tomorrow.

Latest Disney News: As ‘The View’ takes a hit from the Spectrum Cable Disney dispute, the Mouse House urges people to ditch cable TV entirely (2024)


Is Spectrum losing customers because of Disney? ›

Charter Communications, the cable giant that owns the Spectrum TV brand, lost 320,000 video customers in Q3, disclosing the impact of the company's high-profile carriage dispute with The Walt Disney Co.

Is Spectrum close to a deal with Disney? ›

More Stories by Caitlin. Spectrum TV select customers will have access to the ad-supported version of Disney+ starting Thursday. The access comes as part of the landmark deal struck between Charter Communications and the Walt Disney Company in September.

Why is Spectrum boycotting Disney? ›

Charter argues that it's paying high premiums for Disney content, but most of the best programs exist on platforms like Disney+ and not the cable channels. The dispute led to ESPN and other Disney-owned channels being taken off the air for Charter's 15 million Spectrum subscribers over the holiday weekend.

Have Disney and Spectrum settled their dispute? ›

Resolution. On September 11, the dispute ended, returning The Walt Disney Company channels to Spectrum. As part of the deal, Disney+ and ESPN's future full direct-to-consumer service will be provided to Spectrum TV Select subscribers, and ESPN+ will be available to Spectrum TV Select Plus subscribers.

Why are people leaving Spectrum? ›

All of this comes after a cascade of customer concerns over Spectrum's business practices, including recent cost increases and altered channel programming for Rochester-area residents, both announced in January, and September's dispute with Disney.

Why is Disney losing customers? ›

Consumers were left picking up the tab for blockbuster furlough payments creating a global cost of living crisis that endures to this day. It led to people cutting their streaming subscriptions and left Disney with a loss-making platform.

Will Spectrum get back to Disney? ›

Disney+ Basic launched on the Spectrum cable TV package under the companies' new carriage agreement, reached in September 2023 after a 12-day blackout of Disney's networks on Charter systems.

What is the Disney controversy about? ›

The two sides started feuding in 2022 after Disney, under pressure from its staff, criticised the Parental Rights in Education Act, a controversial state law which initially prohibited classroom discussion and instruction about gender identity and sexual orientation in Florida's public schools.

What channels did Disney pull from Spectrum? ›

Which Disney channels are not included on Spectrum now?
  • Disney Junior.
  • Disney XD.
  • Baby TV.
  • Freeform.
  • FXM.
  • FXX.
  • Nat Geo Wild.
  • Nat Geo Mundo.
Sep 11, 2023

Is Spectrum getting a refund for Disney dispute? ›

Spectrum customers will get $15 refund for Disney, ESPN outage during dispute. Good news for Spectrum cable customers across Upstate New York. Last week, Gov.

What is the lawsuit against Disney? ›

(AP) — Allies of Gov. Ron DeSantis and Disney reached a settlement agreement Wednesday in a state court fight over how Walt Disney World is developed in the future following the takeover of the theme park resort's government by the Florida governor.

What is the Disney contract controversy? ›

The settlement resolves lawsuits over a last-minute agreement Disney signed with its old board last year before it was dissolved by DeSantis and the Florida Legislature. That agreement would have taken power away from the new board and reserved for Disney all decisions concerning development at the theme parks.

Is Spectrum Internet losing customers? ›

Spectrum customers are starting to hit the cancel button. Charter Communications (CHTR) , the parent company of Spectrum, has just revealed that it has lost 72,000 internet customers and 405,000 cable TV customers during the first quarter of 2024.

What channels did Disney remove from Spectrum? ›

Which Disney channels are not included on Spectrum now?
  • Disney Junior.
  • Disney XD.
  • Baby TV.
  • Freeform.
  • FXM.
  • FXX.
  • Nat Geo Wild.
  • Nat Geo Mundo.
Sep 11, 2023

Is Disney losing subscriptions? ›

Disney+ lost 1.3 million subscribers in the final quarter of 2023 amid a hefty price hike that went into effect last fall, but managed to narrow its streaming business' losses by $300 million during the October-December period.

How many customers did Disney plus lose? ›

Disney Plus

The loss of around 1.3 million subscribers in this segment was cushioned by an increase in Disney+ Hotstar subscriptions by 700,000. This didn't help the company's revenues in and of itself due to a considerably lower average revenue per user in the Hotstar segment.

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