We train, test and trial our dogs. Most of our dogs carry entry level stock titles in ASCA and or AKC. We put as much importance on being able to get
at least started titles on stock as we put on CGC, obedience and even "points". These titles do not make all our dogs "working" dogs, it is however  a
first and important step in a long term goal of preserving the versatility and talent of this breed.  So..We must live on a farm right? Nope.. Just a
normal home in a typical NH town, no acreage, no sheep, no cattle.. We own Ducks.. We also go to clinics, trainers and friends that have other
livestock to get as much practice, experience and time working our dogs. Our ducks serve as our "flock"to work the dogs on here,  provide lovely
insect control, eggs and even meat. Perhaps ducks are not obvious as sheep or cattle however, keep in mind people can own and train on them who
also have space issues, not to mention many people are turning to owning small flocks of poultry and even small gardens to provide food for their
As we breed and raise ducks, we do have ducklings for sale in the spring, young adult ducks in the summer and occasional adult ducks for sale.
Groups are priced very reasonably for stock dog use, or home flocks.

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So why does it matter, after all real working farm homes are in decline, and not everyone
needs a stock dog. Why not just breed dogs that can be pretty.
It is the dogs original purpose that defines what a breed should look like as
form follows function.. It is the  personality, temperament, working style,
versatile nature combination that makes the Aussie a breed so special and
different from the many other "herding breeds" A dog is not just a "breed" on
looks alone.

Want to give it a try?
If you want to explore your dogs talents in way that can prove a challenge for
as much as yourself and your dog then, warning!! This IS a very rewarding
and addictive hobby or interest...

Although we do encourage many people to consider working their dogs on
stock.. Please understand, Stock work requires solid basic obedience, It is a
activity of rules and respect. If you are unable to or unwilling to set rules, do
not have respect from your dog, then this is not a activity you want to try or
start till
you have this.

Please, This activity IS NOT just chasing sheep. It is not just a
dog that shows a little interest or runs after some sheep at a
instinct test.  The big thing to know HERDING is not just a new
"toy" or "a way to burn off excess energy"  a magic fix for
behavior problems or a "new Game"

If you are looking for a trainer there are many listed  on
the Northeast Herding Dog info
Feel free to check out the website link below for a large number
of breeders specifically preserving the "working" Aussie.

Feel free to contact us about our available dogs, upcoming litter
plans or suitability of our dogs for your needs.