We have allowed her to mature, and has been making some nice progress
working the ducks, sheep and cattle.. Not to mention obedience. He is a
performance dog, and our focus has been and will continue to be Stock and
performance venues.
Talk easily earned both her Started duck and sheep titles with placements at just
a year old with very little time and training on ducks.

Our long term goals to include trying for that hard to earn WTCH, Some
obedience or rally titles.   She was a dog I purchased to further my wants and
needs to gain more experience as a trainer, working  a dog on stock and the
challenges this provides. At this time as I have been asked or toyed with specific
crosses but unable to decide, or willing to have it interfere with our training. A
such I do not have any immediate plans for her to be bred, this is not what she is
here for!
Starstuff Rapture Ready DNA-VP STDdc OTDs X Nineveh Honors Corrie Tinboom STDs

COI 13.06%
Nineveh all the Talk @ Muddyfeet STDds


Talk has a look at me and follow you everywhere personality, she comes in a strictly fun
and striking marking package. No extra coat here, completely wash and wear kind of girl.
This is not a fluffy, heavy boned show dog for sure. She is SO much like my very first
Aussie in so many ways and I love her for just that very thing.   
Bred by Beth Delozer at Nineveh Ranch in OK, Her pedigree includes many working dogs
of Hanging Tree, Pincie Creek, Starstuff, Peters Ranch, Rising sun among others known in
the working venue.  She has litter mates and siblings working stock in Europe, doing
agility and many good old day in day out farm dogs and companions.  Who could ask for
As such she has a different personality, and style not only in looks but also on stock than
our other dogs.
She is a joy to take out and work, one moment, then a dog who shows and takes
advantage of my lack of experience and skill working stock the next..  She is a intense
dog, and although a good, and sweet dog.. Is in some ways a lot of dog to own,  despite
being a world class foot warmer, and sweet dog who only wants to please..