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Puppies are cute.. But that stage does not last long.. Also sadly many dogs are not bred/purchased by responsible parties.. This
results in several very nice dogs in need of quality homes.
We support rescue, as not every dog is born with the safety net we provide..
SO.. In your Aussie search consider rescue!

Aussie and Aussie mixes available for adoption
ARPH of New England http://www.arphinc.com/

New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue inc. http://www.ns4ar.org/o
We put a lot of time effort,expense and consideration into our dogs we live with and litters we may produce.   We often  
have a waiting list, Many of our litters are spoken for before 8 weeks.   We generally have a puppy or two open later  
depending on several factors other than lack of homes..  For us..   Personality and energy level of a home are big
ones..     We generally only breed to hopefully produce a dog for ourselves..  We don't breed just to produce puppies!   
Feel free to contact us however.. IF we don't have a litter planned, or puppies for sale, we often can refer!

We dont have any puppies or Adult dogs at the moment..
Looking for a puppy on a different time line?
Did you know New England and the east coast has a HUGE active Aussie community??
Lots of ethical honest breeders who yes, raise there dogs as companions first, health test (Hips, Eyes MDR1 Etc), screen homes and
help select the best puppy that is a FIT for you! They offer lifetime support and YES offer exceptional companion puppies!   

How about checking out these links before hitting some of the puppy find type sites?

For a list of other Breeders in the New England area

Australian shepherd club of New England

The Australian shepherd club of America ASCA
United states Australian shepherd association