Feel Free to contact us
We do respond to all e-mails,calls and applications within a week or
sooner.. So If you have not heard back from us, please try again as
we have had problems with phone messages and e-mail in the past.
We are also open to just general questions.
We expect you to have some questions of your own, or even want to
talk in person or even arrange a face to face meeting.

If you are interested in a Muddyfeet Aussie, or a specific
dog/puppy/litter please note.. In this case it is very helpful and
recommended for you to fill out our brief application.  As it does help
us in the process of placement and determining if we may have
something suitable for you.
In the case we do not have something, We also do use this
information give you some recommendations or referrals to other
breeders we may know of with a suitable choice.
A detailed e-mail, or even a phone call is OK too. We do understand
that some people may be more comfortable using this method of
contact first.


Cell # 603-490-2850  Amanda
Please feel free to leave a message if you do not get me on the phone
right away. This happens :) I do work and also often doing stuff with
the doggies LOL
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