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Delta earns another title Now she is
MuddyFeet Three of a Kind CD, RA, CGC, TDI, ONYX, TF-I, DNA-VP, AKC pointed

New updates, titles and wins posted as the year gets going!.. Quick summary..
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ASCA/AKC CH Muddyfeet all or Nothing RN CGC TDI "Alex"

Muddyfeet Highland Thompson RN  "Tommy" Earns his APDT RL1 and a leg on his RL1X titles!

Muddyfeet Ilar Maddigan RN  "Maddie" Earns her APDT RL1 Multiple blue ribbons over the weekend- High scores..
High Combined for the Trial (1st-5th):  
This was calculated as a total of the highest score earned from Level 1, 2 or 3 in each trial, for competitors entered in 4 or more trials for the entire weekend.  
Sheryl Wilkinson / Maddie- Australian Shepherd (819 points-4 trials)

Alex goes to Westminster!
CH Muddyfeet all or Nothing RN CGC TDI shown by Morgan Cambell  have a fun time at the Garden, Laura his owner makes the NY Times paper in a interview!
See Video Here!
He is the lovely Black Boy at the start and several times during the footage.. WE are SOOOOO Proud.

Tye earns his- CGC

-New Champion-
AKC CH Muddyfeet All or Nothing RN GCG TDI
Big congrats To Laura for a hard earned and WELL DESERVED title!
Alex lives and is loved by Laura in MA at Headstrong

Muddyfeet Highland Thompson "Tom" earns his RN title!

Muddyfeet Three of a Kind "Delta" earns her flyball ONYX title
One of very few aussies and dogs to achieve this!

Muddyfeet Ilar Maddigan "Maddie"
Completed her RN title first time out to the big dog shows with very good scores!
Muddyfeet Workin 4A livin "Rusty"
completed his CGC
Muddyfeet Salute to the Sun "Jasper"
APDT ARCH title AND his ARCH title.
Harmony Hills Smooth Ride  "Chaps"
Finally got groomed up and out to get his last point to finish his AKC CH title.

Muddyfeet Back 2 Basics "Simple"
Earns her STD on Ducks with placements at the Aug ASCNE River fair Farm trials

Nineveh all the talk @Muddyfeet "Talk"
Earns her STD on ducks with placements in Aug just after her first birthday she also finshed her STD on sheep at HMM in October.

Muddyfeet All or Nothing "Alex"  
Continues to pick up Majors and multiple Reserves in both AKC and ASCA.
Muddyfeet Three of a kind "Delta" Earns her FM title (5000pts)  

.Harmony Hill Smooth Ride "Chaps"
Picks up majors in FL Handled By Jillan Kirras

2008 and 2009
Muddyfeet Cookin the books "Rowan"
Gets a 1st  Place win and a Q a in Jumpers at a CPE trial Aug 2009

Muddyfeet All or Nothing  "Alex"
RWD to a 4 point major Cranberry classic ASCNE Show Nov 2008
Winners dog and Best of Winners Jan 2009
April 2009 Major pointed AKC!!
RWD to a 5 point Major USASA National Pre shows!!!

Muddyfeet  Back 2 Basics  "Simple"
First RN Q and leg Aug 2009

Muddyfeet Salute to the sun "Jasper"
2009 NADAC Novice Tunnelers - finished his title leg at 5.06 yards per second.  This was 2.4 seconds off the fastest all-dogs time.

Harmony Hill Smooth Ride "Chaps"
2008  HT in AKC and his STDs in ASCA!!!
Chaps gets WD and BOW at Bay colony cluster  shows in Dec 2008

Muddyfeet Three of a Kind  "Delta"
Delta earns her RA and earns
a perfect 100 her first time in the RA ring!
Gets her First 2 points in MAY 2008
April 2009 Delta earns her Flyball Excellent title

Muddyfeet Do Right "Potter"
Earns several WD/BOW wins

2007 and before
Both ALEX and DELTA earn both a CGC and TDI certification- At a year of age!
Thornapple Red Rag top
Earns her RN in 3 shows and earned her CGC

Harmony Hill Elan Everafter
Earns her RN and several WB and BOW wins and earns her CGC

Sierra Echo's Cannonball
Earns he RN and CD in both AKC and ASCA and earns his CGC

Beauwood Shadowdancer
Earns his AKC and ASCA CH- Wins multiple with BOB BOW awards
Recieves ALT CH ASCNE High score dogs, and is invited to the first ASCA Conformation invitational
Earns his CD in ASCA and AKC and earns his CGC
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Maddy update!
She got lots of ribbons, placed in all her
classes: couple of firsts, 4 seconds( one
tied for first, lost on time), 3 thirds( one tied
for 2nd, lost on time), 2 fourth's and a fifth.
Got her Level 2 AOE title, 2 Q's for her level
3, 2 QQ's for her ARCH, 5 Q's for her RLX1
and 2 Q's for her RLX2. She was also 2nd in
High Combined for Trial and High Score
Will try to get some pictures. I told Tom we
will have to have a separate room soon for
all these ribbons! "Sheryl"
Alex goes Best Veteran at
the HMM ASCNE October
shows all 3 days,  completes
his CD and RA at the ASCA
Completes his STDs title with
High scoring CH of record
Maddy has had a busy fall doing her Rally
thing! In September we went to Waggin
Tails where she got her RL1x2(that's 20
Q's). Then to Saccarappa Obedience Club
for 2 more legs towards her RAE in AKC. 6
down, 4 to go. In October, she got her RL3x
at Finish Forwards Dogs as well as 4th
place for High Combined for the weekend.
This past weekend, off we went to Wag It
Training Center. She got her RL2x2 plus
had some smoking runs. 2 perfect scores
of 210, a 209, a 208 & a 203.
Tommie earned his Advanced
Level in AKC in September.
He also earned his APDT level
ARCH X Championship and RL2 X in
Chappy and Robin,
Earn CGC and RN
Hi Amanda,
here are some pictures of Cosimo "Panda" and I hiking around and
just having fun.
So far he and I have hiked 2 of the 48 4k footers in the white
mountains. He has been the most amazing hiking partner and has
loved the freedom he has on the trails and the climbs he has done.  
Hi Amanda,

Can't tell you enough how much we all love Nico.  He is so sweet, smart, and loving.  
These pictures show him at the beach as a young pup and this fall, kayaking this
summer, and his growth from the day we brought him home at 9 weeks to seven years
old.  As our daughter says, "He is a master at the inquisitive head tilt." Looking forward to
the pictures of his siblings.
Hi Amanda,
Josie continues to be a wonderful addition to
our family! She loves the kids, enjoys hiking
& the beach, and goes everywhere possible
with us. Here are some pictures from the
past year.
Hi Amanda,

Hope you're well.  We look forward to seeing
pictures of Ollie's brothers and sisters on
your website.  Attached are a few pictures of
Ollie getting his to see his first snow on a
short hike in the White Mountains last
weekend.  He's an amazing trail dog -
excellent recall and great footwork.  He's
also a pretty good couch potato for Sunday
football (last picture).  We love him a lot.  
Heck, the whole neighborhood loves him.  
Thank you!!!

Rob & Annie