A bit about COLOR
ALL the colors of Aussies come in are gorgeous.  Color/markings do NOT make
the dog. It is the personality and character that shines from within that makes a
Aussie the breed it is.

We do not  make breeding decisions or breed for specific coat/eye color or
markings! Nor do we price our puppies based on Coat color/Markings or eye
Our only concern for color in a breeding is..Try  to breed dogs to
the standard.
We love EACH and EVERY puppy we get that is healthy, regardless what color
or sex they may be. We LOVE ALL the colors Aussies come in.
So if your only concern or consideration on if you are going to buy a dog is if it
is x color or markings.. There is NO Guarantee that any specific color may be
born. Even After a litter is born and sex and color combinations are known,
Each puppy has to be evaluated and placed based on its
energy level, drive
and potential
into a home it is suited for.  This is to ensure the best match
between buyer and dog. If the puppy is going to be a match FOR YOU,
Is our
first consideration and priority
SEX- Male or Female?

Males and female dogs differ VERY little if AT ALL  in train ability and personality. The one irony and
frustration for a breeder is,  NEVER fails what ever sex is the requested or homes are seeking most, is
the sex you do not get......I think it is mother natures idea of a joke...

Males and females BOTH make equal and excellent companions as such we do not charge different
prices for sex.

Issues like Marking, Roaming, Dominance, aggression to other dogs. Can be seen in EITHER sex.  
These issues ARE related to the training the dog gets, the relationship with the owner, and OFTEN
related to hormonal changes.. (A INTACT DOG)  This is one reason, it is recommend if you are not
serious about breeding to have your pet spayed or neutered.  There are some very "good" health reason
for this also.
Behavior problems are a result of training issues or lack of clear leadership, lack of exercise, and when
hormones are in play, how that dog is worked with to PREVENT issues.
Behavior issues are not because of a "sex" thing.  

We do understand that homes may have a sex preference for various reasons, perhaps because of the
dogs they may already own. Often it may have to do with some specific plans perfromance/showing etc.  
This is something we will discuss with you,  and discuss the pros and cons of this choice.

As far as potential companion homes, YOU are BEST served by a breeder considering the puppy or dog
in question as a individual in regards to fit . We will take into consideration a homes preference,
however like color will not place a dog that is not a fit into a home just based on sex request.

A preference for sex and color is OK, and it is something that people can have. You must be aware..
Homes who have such limitations or
will not consider a puppy of a different sex/color REALLY do limit
their chances on a litter. We often have homes without such limitations, such puppies may not be born,
or if born unsuitable for you in regard to fit. Because of this we may be limited on accepting deposits or
request for only specific sex/color combinations.
Again, our first and primary consideration and priority in each placement is "fit" with the new home, not
filling a order. We do prefer and give preference to homes that also think this way.

Please note there is a growing trend.
There is no "rare" or desirable eye color in Aussies. Any breeder who makes breeding choices
only if
they may produce Blue eyes or Charges more if a puppy "happens" to have blue eyes should be
evaluated carefully as it is a common tactic used by not so responsible breeders.
WE DO NOT BREED FOR EYE color... Only Healthy eyes!
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This is a litter of Blue and Black puppies out of  "Molly"  A
Red Tri Female
Blue Merle, Red Merle and red/black tri's  out of  "Kai"  A