We maintain a contact list for updates. We use our contact and waiting list as our primary source to contact and update interested homes on what we have planned, or  If we have a litter bred and puppies
expected or older dogs for placement. We also keep our web page pretty up to date too. .If you would like to be on our E-mail list feel free to contact us.

How We place our puppies/dogs
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Yes, and NO.. This is a option most often used for homes specifically looking for a performance/working or show potential pup as there
are often specific characteristics, dogs bred with working ability, and pedigrees that may not be available in a particular area. This often
for someone we know or has references we trust..

As for companion/pet pups. We STRONGLY believe, part of the breeder and pup selection should be more than just liking a picture or
fancy website but include more of an old fashioned real time personal connection.   In many if not most cases this requires going local,
direct to someone who you have met face to face. Seeing where your pup was bred, born and raised is how you can personally see and
evaluate, the breeder, The conditions,  Do you like their dogs?  Keep in mind a dogs personality, temperament is both the dogs genetics,
but also the dogs early raising and care.   If we ship depends on a lot of communication between us and a home and is a case by case
basis.  As a general rule, we have never or will never  ship a lot of puppies, But it can be done for the right homes.   We believe that face
to face, or real communication provides the best information.  
We have always been very supportive of homes seeking a Aussie,   and if we don't have what you are seeking are able provide referrals
to breeders closer to you.

Keep in mind on of the conditions you agree on by getting one of our dogs is that for some reason that you are no longer to keep the dog
IT MUST come back to us OR we must be in direct contact and involved with a home it is placed into.    So distance make this more
complicated.  Distance also limits how much hands on training and support we can offer..  If the need arises. We place our puppies with
24/7 tech support!

Most puppies we ship are to other experienced or more serious show/performance and breeding homes..  

We carefully place our dogs.  Our puppies are not sold simply on a first-come, first-served basis.

Our PRIMARY concern is a good fit between buyer and dog, NOT just taking a deposit or making a sale.  I Do not "have" to sell you a puppy or place a dog with you  just because you
want one. I am not doing you any favors by doing so, and I am not doing the dogs any favor doing so.. If the fit is not there, its not.. it is not a personal attack but primary concern to me
is a good fit and long happy home with both the dog and new owner.. Please keep this in mind..
do work with you in the selection process.  We place our puppies biased on FIT, not just color sex and markings.  We do make some recommendations and may include or exclude
possible pups in a litter. We are  raising the litter, interacts with them every day, lives with the dam, knows and has met and interacted with the sire, grandparents not to mention we
have many years, working with dogs, training and  raising and living with Aussies. As a breeder It is our job to evaluate the
personality and potential of each pup and provide you with a
appropriate candidate for you needs and lifestyle.  Not just sell you a pup you think has pretty markings or is cute in a picture!  As to how many puppies a home may be able to select
from at placement age does
depend a LOT on YOU the home your wants, needs, Sex and color preference, What IS born, in addition to where you are in the placement order etc. It
may be several in a litter or ONE.  Having a sex or color preference is OK, however having a very narrow requirement on what is only  the dogs physical appearance DOES limit the
number of possible matches in a litter.  So we DO NOT RECOMMEND limiting your options!  
We do accept Deposits on litters. However often this is ONLY after a pregnancy is confirmed, or only after a litter is born.  A deposit ($250) reserves a spot in the placement order, not
just a specific puppy when they are young.   We use a Deposits is to ensure you are serious about purchasing a pup from this litter, as we do use this information on availability,
advertising and our websites updates. This deposit is NON refundable.   We only will take deposits on "Specific" puppies when they are older, and homes with reservations are honored

Tails/Dews- A controversial subject.. You may notice some of our puppies "have tails or not"
We do on occasion have puppies/litters that have natural bob tails, docked, or full tails. We dock some of our puppies. Some are born with a natural short tail, and some puppies we
choose not to dock.  Docking is done, at a very early age and cause little if any stress or discomfort.  We may choose not to dock mis marks, or individuals in a litter  as they make
great companions and agility prospects where a tail is preferred, or have some pups that may have the potential to go to countries/areas with a docking ban.
As a general rule, we cannot accepts request for this from companion homes.. Unless the home is in a area with a docking ban, or a proven legitimate agility/performance home.
We no longer remove front dewclaws on our pups, as there is enough evidence that injury is rare, and may provide support and have a function. Rear dewclaws are always removed.
These are personal choices made by us to suit our needs and the homes our dogs go into..
PLEASE NOTE! We do not make final placement decisions BEFORE 8 Weeks.
This is because we evaluate each pups personality energy level, structure, movement and drive to determine if it is a pet or
show prospect and what home it may do best in. Theses traits
cannot be evaluated at birth.  We use a combination of day
to day interactions with each puppy and the entire litter from birth till 8 weeks, informal temperament testing, breed
standard evaluations and also wait to get important health tests completed before we make any final decisions on our
puppies. WE do use this information as part of our placement process.

We do understand some homes may want to know what puppy they may be taking early on. We do try to have an some
ideas as to what specific puppies "may" be spoken for. We do keep a list on what we have for reservations. However other
than having a idea as to X number puppies born X number of males/females and what we have for reservations. "final"
decisions (what specific puppies are available for placement to what specific homes or home) are held off till they are older
(7-8 weeks) as this IS really when we can be more definitive. We do this to ensure the best match between buyer and dog,
not just to get them sold as quick as possible.
If you prefer only to place a deposit on a specific puppy..  We only take deposits on specific puppies after 7 weeks and
homes with pending deposits and reservations are honored.

We DO take a more careful approach to placing our dogs.
Although, The way we place our dogs does take some extra time, it takes patience and you willing to
work with us in the decision process. The truth is we do this because we do really
care about the best match possible for a long term relationship between you, your future companion and us.
We do have excellent success and experience placing dogs this way.