COST: Breeding takes..tremendous care,  expertise, time and effort.  This includes.. High quality nutrition,
health testing, individual attention to the dogs, puppies and litters raised..
As such there
is a cost to buying a dog.  

Why does it matter? A good breeder cares beyond the sale, cares about early development, long term health and longevity. A
good breeder really cares  where their pups go and how they do for their ENTIRE lifetime.
There are plenty of examples of puppies with no investment by the breeder, in
both high and low price ranges. Be very aware
of this. Price is a factor
but cannot be your only consideration.  Take your time, ask questions and keep in mind It is what a
breeder REALLY invest into their dogs has a direct impact on what you get.

NO Reputable breeder sells to pet stores! Or for that matter allows anyone else to place their puppies!

Our Prices
ALL our dogs are placed/sold as a companion to someone first and foremost.  We do not place our dogs only to be kennel dogs,
breeding dogs or even just a "show dog".   All our puppies are registered.
We do not price our puppies based on sex, color,
markings eye color
. All dogs that leave here are micro-chipped so no "extra' cost for this either. Since it cost the same to raise
all the pups in a litter..All the pups in
our litters are one price.
SO.. What is a show quality or pet pup if you do not charge a different price?

If a puppy is placed or offered on a spay/neuter contract or "show" contract,  has to do with the #1
pups potential  and #2 the
owners interest not a dollar amount.  IF a puppy is evaluated by us as a "pet"  puppy IT IS NOT breeding quality, so will
only be sold on a "pet contract" and has to be altered.  If a puppy is evaluated as a "show/performance" prospect it has 2 options
for placement.. A serious show/performance home on co-ownership or a pet home on a spay/neuter contract.
It is about the puppies merits, traits and talents in addition to a homes interest  that determines what contract each pup is placed
on. This is done on a individual basis for each home and puppy.. Not every puppy is suited to be shown and not all our puppies
can be bred or be placed with that possible option.

Our puppies/litters/dogs are priced at $1000 - $1200 depending on litter.

Pups placed and evaluated as pets CANNOT be bred.

We recommend  spay/neuter after the dog is mature and before the first heat in females. This is 6-12 months for
females, and before 18months for males.
Any dog placed as a "show" prospect is placed on co-ownership till titles and all appropriate health clearances are
attained  or the dog is altered.

We only breed with the intention to keep something or hope to get a nice puppy out of A litter,  We do often hold back
pups for further evaluation.. Some may be for sale for show/breeding/performance candidates, some on our own/foster
with terms, some, good solid companion homes.  Dogs/puppies we place are receiving appropriate training, care and
socialization with us before placement and in some cases may have been shown and even have titles.  

If you have any questions about our puppy prices, placement policies or just our dogs, you are welcome to
contact us
so we can answer any questions you may have.

If we have rescue  dogs or dogs listed FOR ADOPTION..
We will require a donation to Aussie Rescue (ARPH) or another legitimate rescue group as the adoption fee as these
dogs are RESCUE dogs- NOT DOGS WE HAVE BRED or OWNED!  We do not accept direct payment of any
"adoption" fees. We do not accept donations.

These things MUST be given back to help other dogs in need. Beware this is not always the case..So ask..
Our Companion (Pet) & Show/Performance Puppies
Policies & Prices
WE Recommend you review contacts and warranties  as part of your breeder selection process.  If you would
like a copy of ours to compare or see before you make a decision.. PLEASE feel free to contact us!

The majority of dogs we place are done so on a Pet contract with limited registration (not for breeding) and a
Spay/Neuter requirement. Dogs placed as companions
cannot be bred. These puppies/dogs are from the same
carefully planed and bred litter as a "show" or "performance" potential litter mate, and same litter we as breeders
will be selecting from.  Pet placements can still compete in the Performance events, agility, fly ball, obedience.
There is a also now a Altered conformation program with ASCA that some, not all of these individuals may
compete in if a owner has a interest in trying "show" for fun or experience. These dogs
are not defective, they are
not of lesser quality, They are ideal companions, but not breeding dogs. A pet quality puppy is just that, a dog that
has the qualities to make a EXCEPTIONAL COMPANION, But is not a dog that is suitable for breeding.

We are very selective in what we place with the option to remain intact. THE majority of our dogs ARE placed on
spay/neuter. We do this, not because our dogs lack quality. Many of our "companion" puppies may be called
"show" by others. We are however very selective to maintain quality!

We do offer performance and show prospects on occasion.  Note we say Show/Perfromance. We put HIGH
value on a dogs ability to "do" things, Vs just be competitive in the breed ring as a conformation dog.
individuals will be available with full registration and we remain on the dogs registration papers as co-ownership
until titles and health clearance requirements are met. These dogs Can remain intact to be shown, worked and
titled in performance events, and "possibly" bred in the future.
The majority of these puppies are placed into homes with a established history with dogs/aussies and the
performance'/show venue
. Please note - For homes less experienced  "newbies" so to speak, we are willing to
talk, and offer a legitimate mentor relationship  We have no issues supporting a serious buyers with a nice quality
dog.  Feel free to ask us, but...keep in mind,
We do not place dogs "just for breeding" -stay intact to be bred
without some overall involvement and commitment by you the potential future breeder-
There is some Specific commitments to qualify
One the pup in question has to have the potential, No oh this much for pet, this much if you want papers..A puppy
either has the potential or not it is not a if the buyer wants to pay more to change the option!
As someone who may be interested in breeding..
You MUST.. Do Health testing-Do genetic testing, Be professional and open and honest. Willing and able to take
back and be responsible for any pup they produce AND yes.. Support rescue.
Doing to something with your dog, one to prove the dogs qualities, but also have a idea what you may need to
add. Also allows you to know and understand what kind of home, and commitment is needed to keep your
puppies you breed in happy homes.

We did not even consider breeding before we involved with dogs, Aussies, rescue and done a lot of research
before our first litter.  We had many Aussies of different types and personalities a time line of  over 20 years
before our first litter.
It does take a bit of work . We do care where our pups end up,  we care about the breed.. We only support
responsible breeding