Warranties and Health
Our dogs  are placed with comprehensive health contact that includes hips, eyes, elbows, epilepsy, and immune
issues. We also place our dogs with a comprehensive contract that outlines our responsibility to you, and our
expectations of you. They have a "health certificate", up to date on core vaccines, worming, they are  micro-chiped for
ID, they also have a separate appointment with a ophthalmologist  for a screening eye exam. We also offer Lifetime
support and take back. Puppies also are Registered with ASCA or AKC, or BOTH. But all puppies ARE registered with a
recognized registry that does more than just offer "papers"  

We take a very careful approach to breeding. We are members of the ASHGI 10 steps pledge of breeders willing to
work together to improve the welfare and health of this breed.
No breeder..including us can really "guarantee"  that we will never produce a issue.. Many issues it is not just simple
do not breed affected.. Not every condition has a test, many issues the environment plays a BIG roll in the expression..
However despite this, If a Muddyfeet Aussie is ever affected by genetic health issue, We do stand behind our dogs and
have terms on our contracts for this possibility.
For specific terms, conditions or a copy of our contract to review, please feel free to contact us. Questions are also
We spend a considerable amount of time interacting, handling and working with our puppies from birth till the day they are placed.
We generally only have one litter at a time and ALL puppies are born and raised here. Our puppies are raised underfoot as part of our home and members of our human family and dog
family.  Everything is done to prepare them for the roll they will fill, Family companion and HOUSE dog first.  
We train and raise our dogs/puppies with a positive reward based philosophy with clear limits, rules and leadership from us. We do use and start our puppies on a marker based training program (clicker)  Our
dogs/puppies are fed and raised on a rotational diet including a basis of commercial high quality kibble, with and without grain and yes we do feed "raw".  We do take a careful well researched tailored approach to
vaccines, chemical use and diets. We use a minimal vaccine protocol for CORE viruses, do practice proper infection and parasite control/preventative programs and use natural alternatives when ever possible.
Our puppy Time line.  
First, They are whelped in a dedicated room inside our home a quite area to give mom security and a safe den to focus on whelping, puppy care and the all important first 24hrs. I am there
when puppies are whelped, and sleep and spend most of my day there too.   Pups are handled several times a day by us to monitor for health and weights, mom is exercised away from the
puppies for her health and well being too! 3-16 days we do specific individual exercises (early neurological stimulation) IN ADDITION to the normal handling and care.
At 21 days they are started on first foods, also with ears and eye opening we expose them to a lot of sounds, smells of home living- We also include a specific plan for getting pups used to
strange sounds by using a sound CD  a hour a day at least.  At 4 weeks we add more, they are moved into the main area of our home and given a larger area that includes a sleeping area,
crate, play and enrichment area, We also provide a dedicated potty area to start the house training, and to foster good clean habits.  As the weeks progress, personality is watched for,
challenges are set up for them to develop confidence. We also give puppies individual attention and training time to teach how to say please and ask for attention by sitting nicely, eye
contact and responding to come.  During this process we DO NOT force mom to stay with the pups, or leave the pups!  She is part of the early training and socialization too, allowed to play
with them, set limits, nurse or not.. We also involve our other dogs in the home too..   
We start visits early, friends, family, kids.. Also potential homes to meet us, our dogs.. And yes play with puppies.  We believe that is IS important to give puppies exposure to others outside
the home.  They will go on some car rides.. Will go outside..  
We do not take a hands off, Isolate pups approach to raising our dogs!

Early exposure to challenges, sensory stimulation and handling helps jump start early neurological development. Diet, care and environment does effect overall health of a dog and can effect
expression of disease. You can raise a litter to weaning age with less than ideal nutrition and absent care..but it has been proven dogs deprived of these things results in dogs with poor long
term health, underdeveloped immune systems, reduced neurological development along with a possible expression of medical or behavior concerns.
Owner Expectations
Although We do lay a solid foundation on your Puppy and we are always available to help you. We do have some expectations of
you and all our homes..
 We expect you to be committed to continue proper training and structure for the life of the dog. We
recommend classes for both fun and competition if that is a interest.  WE RECOMMEND you PREPARE BEFORE you get your puppy.  
Training not only teaches the basics but BUILDS a better bond and trust between dog and owner. This is because we do put a lot of
effort to ensure we lay a solid foundation BUT, What you do, or more importantly what you do not do or teach your puppy/dog does
effect what your dog does, how it acts, and the end result you live with.

Aussies are a active breed they
require active involved owners, they want to be with you and do things with you.
THIS is not a breed you pick on looks alone!  Does this mean we only place dogs into homes looking for performance dog?  Of course
not, however
we do not place dogs into homes with a unrealistic expectations.
Such things like expecting a puppy to be trained by 2-3 months, never chew, be OK with never taken anywhere then expected to act
perfect in public as a adult. Never put on a leash and taken for walks,  Leaving the dog all the time, In a crate 8hrs a day.. Not teaching
the basics of no jumping, a sit, down, stay wait..  Etc.. Or the people who "just do not have the time" right now, yet still think getting a dog
is a good idea.

Owning any dog takes work, and time, effort.  ALSO keep in mind there are expenses to owning a dog, a budget of at least $1000 a year is not at all
unreasonable. If you are unable to commit to this, your time is overbooked with commitments or activities and  this may stretch the family budget... Please
reconsider adding a Aussie to your family.   NOW may not be, or is perhaps not the time to get a dog of ANY breed..
Our Lifetime support and Take back.

We do expect if a home has a question/concern they contact us so we can help, or let us
know. We are ALWAYS available for any dog we place. This communication is not only to
provide support for you but, also provides us VALUABLE information about our dogs, How
they mature, this in turn provides us more information for use in our limited breeding
program. We are PROUD of each and every dog we produce and love the updates. We
care about our dogs beyond a quick sale.
If in the case of a home that may no longer be able to keep a Muddyfeet Aussie For its
ENTIRE LIFETIME, we will take the dog back and provide it a home or assist/approve of a
new home.  WE MUST
involved with any of our dogs placement if you are no longer able
to keep your dog. IT IS part of our contract. You cannot just place, sell or give up a dog
without our knowledge and approval.
Under no circumstances may a Muddyfeet Aussies
surrendered to rescue or a shelter.
Our Dogs and Puppies