I got started in Aussies with back in 1985 with a little black female.
She was my 4-H dog, companion and performance partner. Now 25 + years later I have owned, trained and titled
dogs in  Obedience, Agility, conformation and even some starting stock work. During this time, I have had
numerous Aussies, met and married a great husband who is supporting and willing to love me, the dogs and puts
up with and all the crazy stuff that dog people do. We have been very lucky to meet and learn a lot from numerous
friends and others in the hobby that where supportive and willing to trust us with their dogs.
Never in a hurry just to breed it took a while before we bred our own litter with our kennel name, with our first  
"Muddyfeet" litter in 2005 and we have continued to limit the number and  frequency.   

Our dogs live as companions in our home. They are not kennel dogs, we do not have them just to produce
puppies.  To ensure a level of individual attention and care, we choose to own a limited number of dogs here and
Co-own a few special individuals living elsewhere with very special owners.
When we do breed, we try to produce an Aussie that retains not only some instinct but also drive, train ability and
has a sound body. The "whole package" These are the very traits and abilities that made me seek out and fall in
love for this breed. This does not mean our dogs are over the top, or hyper but they are Aussies.  Or primary
interest is a dog who can excel in many task, not just a dog that "looks" pretty but a smart bright and talented dog
that can do many things.  
Aussies are active, smart dogs and are not pretty accessories or couch potato's.  As Aussies as a breed
are not suited for every home, our puppies and dogs are not suited for just anyone looking for a dog, or
even every home.  
We breed in the goal to produce a dog for ourselves Every litter is bred with specific goals in mind. This does not
mean we do not ever sell our dogs, we do but, we do not always have litters or puppies "right now".  We are
DARN right selective Who may own them.  
Aussies are smart, pretty,  full of character, however the presence of many in rescue - as we do work with rescue,
and placed MANY Aussies not our own.  Sadly, FAR to many inappropriate homes get them, in addition to
breeders not a selective as they should be, and saying NO.. Not the breed for you.. This is a shame.

We welcome questions and visits
We enjoy and welcome questions from you. We expect someone seeking a new dog to have a lot of questions, as we expect to be evaluated and even compared to other breeders by
someone interested in our dogs. We prefer people interested in us or our dogs make their "own" decisions as to if we are the breeder for you. We encourage anyone thinking of getting a dog
to slow down, take some time, meet some dogs, meet some breeders.. After all it is a decision on a dog that will be with you for the next 10+ years.. We also are very happy to answer
questions for people perhaps just seeking information. As we often do not have puppies or dogs for sale all the time, we do a lot of referral and education too. It is not only about if you buy a
dog from us. It is about ensuring each potential Aussie home has their questions answered and given the information they may be seeking.

We ask that Visits be by appointment.  We actually do expect
(require in most cases) you will want to come visit our home, meet the dogs and us directly and in person. Keep in mind however,
our litters and dog placement/sales are not a source of income for us. Any money we may have from our occasional litters goes directly back into the care of our dogs.  So Both my husband
and I DO have normal jobs to pay the bills. We also often off doing things and events with the dogs and family on our free time. We may not be available at short notice if you are "in the area" or
want to stop by unannounced.  IF you are looking to come and tour some big "kennel" , you will be disappointed, as we do not have one. Our dogs live with us and interact with us daily
in the
. We are not a large commercial kennel, broker or pet shop, puppy palace or puppy farm with store hours.

Every call is important.  But I cannot call you back if you don't leave a message. Your calls and questions are never a inconvenience. However, I cannot and do not always answer the phone
every time it rings. This is not because your call is not important, but I may be at work, working the dogs or even at a event and in the ring when you call.
So please leave a message.  
We do generally respond to calls and e-mails within 24-48hrs.
If you have Not heard back from us within this time we may have not gotten your message.  
Members of
Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA)
United States Australian Shepherd Association (USASA)
Australian Shepherd Club of New England (ASCNE)
American Pet Dog Trainers Association (APDT)
American Kennel Club CGC Evaluator
Muddyfeet is a ASCA & AKC Registered kennel
AKC Breeder of Merit Recognition.
Members and supporters of the ASHGI 10 steps program
A little about us
and our dogs
Our puppies for sale, are from the same litters we also are selecting a puppy from.
Health and temperament is very important to us. As such we do use available screening programs and the tests on the market
for some specific genetic diseases. We do pedigree research to collect as much information on the pedigree and all relatives
to determine what issues of concern so we can make informed breeding decisions and reduce eliminate possible problems or
concerns. Sadly there may be NOT test for every problem.  Sometimes some issues are not apparent at birth or in puppies,
this is why we keep in touch with our homes and keep updated on general health, temperament or possible late onset issues.

We do Verify trough DNA - parentage-  with AKC and ASCA. All our dogs are Health screened with OFA, PennHip, CERF
Optigen, Washington state university and Animal Health Trust. (see our links page). We use every tool possible, educate and
do actively support
any research that may be going on and submit samples or information on our dogs we may own or bred
any study if ever needed.

YES! We do train, work and show our dogs.
I am a DOG Owner and lover of this breed before anything else.  I am also a Dog Trainer and competitor. I am not just
someone who just "breeds" or breeds a dog because it has papers, or some CH in the past pedigree. We do not show and
train our dogs to increase their "value" or to say we produce "show" dogs. We do these things, because we ENJOY doing stuff
with our dogs as proud
owners. This is why we own them!  Aussies are a working breed, they  do need a outlet for their
energy and intelligence.  They need a job, so we give them one. Every owner  pet/show/performance has to find a way to keep
their Aussie  happy and engaged. - This is a key trait needed in a good Aussie owner.

Our dogs are COMPANIONS first and foremost to us
Doing stuff with our dogs has a impact on happy our dogs are, and how much we enjoy living with them.
It is not just about puppies, show wins, awards or producing "show" dogs.
Because we do breed, we do  believe it is important to work, train, show and title our dogs before breeding.  A good
reputable "breeder"
does have first hand experience living, training and showing dogs, AND outside IMPARTIAL evaluation
as to their merits and quality.  You should expect NO less!!.. Should they be bred? Are they good examples of the breed?  Can
that breeder evaluate their homes and dogs to ensure good fit? Oh and did you know that there is not a single reputable
breeder who is not  willing to take back and provide A home for
any dog they bred for its lifetime?  I do believe that as
reputable hobby breeder and professional that there is no excuse not to take breeding
very seriously. Breeders must be
involved with the breed and its many activities.. They must do proper health testing, They must provide good care and
treatment of their dogs and not just keep them to produce puppies. They must be professional and ethical and not just
breeding because they have a dog with papers.. Not just say.. Oh I breed pets so it does not matter.
It does matter! Most  of our puppies are placed as "pets"  and this is a important roll for a dog!
We do care about the quality and care of EVERY dog we produce Pet, performance or show.

Many homes may not be looking for a show star or competitive performance prospect, but are looking for a Aussie and a
carefully bred, cared for and loved dog.  
 You do run a higher risk at long term health or temperament issues that are
common in the breed if you do not select your breeder carefully, or may just be supporting someone who really does not care
about their dogs, their puppies or their health..  

No REAL Reputable and professional hobby breeder would ever consider or allow their puppies to be sold or
placed by anyone else.. This DOES includes any pet store puppy, many online puppy websites, many paper
adds..in short you should  ALWAYS be able to talk to the breeder direct.  There are NO exceptions to this.

A legitimate hobby breeder is NOT selling something different or above what a Aussie appropriate COMPANION home is
looking for.  They are not just a "show" breeder that only sells dogs to "show" homes. I like other hobby breeders try to
produce exceptional, talented puppies that can or
may be shown, BUT consider that these same qualities, abilities and traits
are also VITAL in producing a well rounded
good quality Aussie period!  NOT To overlook the very important aspect of
hey are the dogs enjoying life?  Part of day to day activity? Given a outlet for exercise and all important mental
Our dogs are not "just pets". They are companions..  Not all our homes compete, yes.. All our homes are
looking for a dog as a COMPANION.  We do not  use this as a excuse or justify skipping stuff, to not take breeding seriously,
cut corners or breed more.   We may not ALWAYS have puppies.. We take time and put a lot of effort into each dog we may
breed,  We do so screen our homes to make sure a Aussie is even a good idea for you.  We care about our dogs and puppies
from the moment they are born till the day they pass over the rainbow bridge.

The quality and effort that goes into each puppy and litter DOES vary considerably.  Getting a quality puppy is the result of
that "breeders" breeding program. The effort, the breeder, the quality of the dogs that produced that puppy.   It all matters.
This is why good Hobby breeders are a great source for A "pet" puppy, not just someone looking for a "show dog".
Our "just A pet" puppy IS that litter mate to that next champion, or a litter mate to the dog that we, the breeder kept and worked
for years to produce.
Sorry but the "pick" pup out of a litter of poorly bred puppies, is still a poorly bred puppy!
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